As the author of ‘Going Against the Grain’ and ‘Going Against GMOs’, I am very impressed with the breadth of valuable information covered in this hour and 20 minute movie and want to thank Cyndi and her team for making this film to help educate a much larger audience on the basics of how to take back our health!

Melissa Diane Smith


Host a screening of What’s With Wheat

Hosting a screening of What’s With Wheat is a great way to educate people about wheat and why it is linked to so many health problems, and start an important discussion about how your community can take action to create better health for themselves and their family and friends.

Education is the cornerstone of advocacy; by educating people about the reality of wheat, we hope your screening will inspire collective action among the people watching. In this screening pack we will give you everything that you’ll need to host a successful screening. Let’s create a ripple effect of change together.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


New Lease Of Life

We often hear from people who tell us how dramatically their health improves when they give up wheat. Below is an amazing health journey we want to share with you from Robyn Bourke  … over to you Robyn The timing was perfect for Tim and myself.  I had been diagnosed...

A Complete Gluten Free Picnic or BBQ Guide

Many BBQ’s and picnics can be full of some not so favourable food options. The most common options include; chips/crisps and dip, sausages in white bread with tomato sauce, greasy burgers, beer (or some form of alcohol), and perhaps even a piece of Pavlova covered in...

Graves’ Disease – Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

Graves’ disease is the number one cause of hyperthyroidism. This occurs when thyroid hormones are overproduced. and can result in an enlarged thyroid. Although the thyroid hormones are absolutely essential for health and vitality, too much of a good thing can be quite...



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