A Complete Gluten Free Christmas Menu | What's With Wheat

It has been a long time since I let Christmas affect my health and I feel this year a number of other people are feeling the same way. At Changing Habits, we hear many positive stories of transformation when people make their health a priority and start to eat real food as opposed to packaged food that’s full of additives and preservatives.

I am blessed to witness these transformations first hand from the amazing clients I’ve been working with this year. They know that it’s not worth ruining the great work they’ve done throughout the year with excessive eating over the Christmas and New Year period. Of course, most will have an extra glass of wine, gin and mineral water, or a slice of a homemade gluten free cake and that is absolutely fantastic as long as you are not on a healing protocol.

Remember your non-negotiables – no gluten, dairy and refined sugar, although trust me you won’t feel you’re missing out on a thing. When you’re planning your menu, consider delegating some of the dishes so you’re not the only one in the kitchen preparing food on Christmas Day.

Gluten Free Christmas Menu



The Main Meal:

You can also add in grilled haloumi as well as fresh herbs such as fresh mint, basil and coriander.


  • Cultured vegetables – this is a perfect accompaniment to your main meal and it allows you to digest everything more efficiently. The cultured rainbow veggies recipe is one of our favourites.



Christmas Fruit Mince Pies

These taste very Christmassy as they have hints of cinnamon, ginger, orange and the sweetness from a beautiful combination of other fruits.


Raw Christmas Pudding with Mango Custard

If you love Christmas pudding, you will love this raw gluten free version with a twist.


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake always seems to be everyone’s favourite dessert and there are a few recipes we can suggest. Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate chai cake with a twist or Tania Hubbard’s Chocolate chia seed cake. You can make a double layer, fill it with whipped coconut cream and top it with berries.



Remember real food is incredibly delicious, so have fun and ENJOY IT! By preparing great nutritious food on Christmas Day, you will not need the usual afternoon nap as a result of overeating and will still be able to continue enjoying your day with your loved ones.

Have a delicious, nourishing and gluten free Christmas and New Year!

Happy changing habits.

Sheridan Williamson
Nutritionist & GAPS Practitioner