How Eliminating Wheat Made Me Feel Like A New Person | What's With Wheat

As mentioned throughout the documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’, there is a lot of research that links eating modern wheat with an increase in body inflammation, which leads to disease.

We often hear from people who tell us how dramatically their health improves when they give up wheat. If you’ve seen improvements in your health and you want to share your story with us to inspire others to improve their health too, then please contact us here.

Below is an amazing health journey we want to share with you from J Phelps/Neither … over to you Jason

For a decade I fought rampant disease. I’d experienced major trauma followed by many surgeries, one surgery led to a staph infection. I believe it was this infection which led to an undiagnosed auto-immune disorder. I also have degenerative disc and joint disease. I just assumed that the combination of all these things led to my disability.

I ended up in a wheelchair for a year until a neurologist of all people found I had a dangerously low vitamin D level… seven. I didn’t realize you could actually die from this. My health improved enough to get me up from the chair and feel somewhat better; however I still had the horrific pain emanating from my joints, mostly my feet and ankles.

I had horrific depression, and ended up taking pain medications for years

I had migraines, memory issues, bi-polar flair-ups, and a horrific skin rash. Nobody could figure out what I was going through, or what was wrong with me… and this was living in NYC and LA. I then started having fly-aways… my arms would twitch and do things out of my control. I had horrible stomach issues, acid reflux, IBS… and was tested for celliac disease… I was so miserable.

For eight years I lived a living hell, and began to look for a way out. I’m talking suicide, or somewhat to get myself killed.

And then I watched your film

It hit on so many points, that I said to myself, ‘Why not just cut out wheat for a few weeks and just see how I feel.’ This was only two weeks ago. Within ten days, this horrific inflammatory pain that had plagued me almost an entire decade, had nearly disappeared. Today I cried my eyes out. I was out of hope. I’d struggled, and this was all alone without family and friends. I’ve been so isolated and alone as pain and mental illness ruled my life. The clarity I’m experiencing is something I never thought I’d know again… my old self is back; I was so close to losing it all and giving up.

Your film saved my life

This is not an exaggeration in any way. I don’t want anyone to ever go through this; you helped me, and now I want to help others. I’m so overwhelmed that I have a new lease on life.

I love the part of your film that talks about people having a hard time giving up wheat; my situation was so bad, that I didn’t think about eating a drop of grain, for a moment.  After ditching that inflammation and pain, the last thing I want is wheat, I now see just how poisoned I’ve been.

This stole my thirties from me. I’ve been absolutely worthless for one of the most productive decades of my life. Living in severe poverty, it’s not easy to be wheat free, but I won’t be in poverty much longer. Although I still have severe degenerative issues and multiple spinal herniation’s. However from the pain that I’ve experienced, to what I have now, I feel like a completely new person and mind you; this is only ten days after last eating wheat.

I am so excited to have my life back. I believe the pesticides are at the root of all of this.

Best Wishes

J Phelps/Neither