Glyphosate Spraying During a USA Road Trip | What's With Wheat

At the moment, I’m driving north toward Idaho.

As we drove up HWY 80 from Reno and then turned north on the 95 at Winnemucca we came along a very lonely petrol station in the middle of no-where.

It was time to stop for lunch and petrol, so we pulled our motor home up and took a break for a while. I noticed a truck with the sign ‘water herbicide’ on the chemicals in the back of the truck.

I went and spoke with the driver and asked what the active ingredient in the herbicide was. He told me it was glyphosate. I told him that he should be very careful using it, he told me he knew it had been deemed a carcinogen.

I then told him that in 2010 it had a new patent on it as a biocide otherwise called an ‘antibiotic’, that wiped out the precious bugs in the soil for good soil ecology as well as the bugs in his GUT that helped him digest his food and be healthy.

He told me they killed weeds in the water ways around the area as well as had contracts with the powerline company where they kept the poles clear from weeds with glyphosate. The workers used a dye so they knew where they had sprayed glyphosate.

I asked if he used protective clothing and was he careful with the herbicide. He replied  that they were told it was safe.

We had an amazing conversation.  He introduced himself as Kendal and his co-driver Stanley, from Idaho and proceeded to tell me about the increase in MS and cancer in their region where they live.  He told me that Roundup was being sprayed on the wheat and some of the other crops.

We parted and as I walked back to the motor home I pondered how glyphosate is deemed as ‘safe’ yet has four patents on it including:-

  • mineral chelator
  • herbicide
  • anti-parasitic
  • biocide

The two that disturb me for humans is the mineral chelator and the biocide, both cause issues with our health.  The other two patents are also disturbing because they destroy our soil ecology which means our plants cannot pull minerals from the soil as well as the worms that also help in the soil ecology are being destroyed.

Just something we should all be thinking about.

Happy changing habits

Cyndi O’Meara

Founder of Changing Habits and Executive Producer of ‘What’s With Wheat?’

P.S. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the pervasive herbicide ‘Round Up’ which is used extensively in agriculture worldwide. The State of California has listed glyphosate under Proposition 65 effective July 7, 2017, to cause cancer. ScottsMiracle-Gro, the distributor of Monsanto’s Roundup, says consumers can return their products, no questions asked, and receive a refund.