New Lease Of Life | What's With Wheat

We often hear from people who tell us how dramatically their health improves when they give up wheat. Below is an amazing health journey we want to share with you from Robyn Bourke  … over to you Robyn

The timing was perfect for Tim and myself.  I had been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in August 2010 during a routine health check up and at the beginning of 2016 Tim started to get rashes on his ears that then spread to his arms and hands.   His GP just put him on steroids. 

We knew that this was just treating the symptom and we wanted to know how this was happening and what to do about it.  There was no obvious reason – we have been using non-synthetic house and body products for over 10 years.  We wanted to find out why this was happening.  Tim was also putting up with mild symptoms of IBS while I had been battling with mild constipation all my life together with a lot of bloating after meals in recent years.

In June 2016 we watched the “What’s with Wheat?” documentary.  It made so much sense and we began the Changing Habits “6 Weeks No Wheat” program to help guide us through changing our nutrition lifestyle.  This program was a great first step to educate us further and help us on the path with great recipes and tips.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with food so we adapted to swapping food groups easily and was inspired to incorporate a wider variety of “real” foods into our diet while at the same time getting rid of processed food such as pasta, bread and various condiments.

Within days I noticed improvements

I no longer had constipation or bloating. The moisture and curl returned to my hair and I believe I am thinking more clearly and faster.  I have always had a lot of energy however I have noticed this year that my stamina doesn’t peter out by 2-3 pm like my colleagues – I have a small healthy snack and I’m “pumping” for the rest of the day!

The severity of Tim’s skin rashes and the frequency of his IBS improved almost immediately together with no more bloating and improved energy levels.   However we have discovered he has some further food intolerances and so thankful that we are now on this path and know what we have to do to maintain and improve our health into the future.

Tim and I have been seeing a naturopath this year and she is guiding us through our “gut healing” journey further and we are thoroughly enjoying our new lease of life and improved health.

If you’ve seen improvements in your health and you want to share your story with us to inspire others to improve their health too, then please contact us here.